Appliance Therapy in Weymouth, MA

Are you looking for a team of dentists near you to help protect the health and beauty of your smile as well as the smile of your family members? If so, look no further than Weymouth Dental Associates and our range of appliance therapy near you. Keep reading to learn more about comprehensive care provided by mouth guards and sleep apnea treatment from our dentists in Weymouth, MA.

Mouth Guards Can Protect More than Your Smile

It’s common to think that a mouth guard is most commonly used to protect teeth from impact-related injuries during sports and other physical activities. But a mouthguard can also be used to protect the investment that you may have already made into the appearance of your teeth, such as dental veneers, dental implants, dental bridges, and more. Additionally, a mouthguard can be used to treat bruxism – more commonly known as teeth grinding – which can prevent the need for expensive dental work in the future when teeth grinding is left untreated.

Appliance Therapy Near You for Sleep Apnea

Appliance therapy is also a revolutionary treatment protocol for sleep apnea without having to use an uncomfortable or noisy face mask or breathing apparatus. At Weymouth Dental Associates, our dentists near you realize that the burden of sleep apnea is large, and we make treatment of the condition streamlined through dental appliances that can be custom-fit to provide maximum results and minimal discomfort. Ignoring your sleep disorder can lead to more complicated health concerns such as heart conditions and excessive fatigue, so finding a solution through appliance therapy is an easy way to prevent the condition from worsening.

We Make Appliance Therapy Convenient

Our dentists and dental care team know that not everyone can take time away from their weekly work or school schedule to make an appointment for preventive dentistry. That’s why we offer Saturday appointments near you and stay open until 8 PM on Monday and Tuesday evenings to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to experience the exemplary dental care that has earned our team consistently excellent reviews! Give us a call today!

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