Dental Implants in Weymouth, MA

Missing teeth are embarrassing to many people, which is why they may not smile very often. Fortunately, if you have missing teeth, our dentists at Weymouth Dental Associates in Weymouth, MA, can give you several options for replacing them. A popular option is dental implants.

Restoring Tooth Function with Implants

Implants provide a great way to restore the function of your teeth. Since an implant gets embedded into your jaw, the bone fuses with it to create an artificial tooth that looks and functions like a natural one. There are several variations of implants to replace one or more teeth, including an entire dental arch.

Dental Implant Options

If you only need to replace one or two teeth, then our dentists may suggest getting regular-sized dental implants. These dental prosthetics are difficult to distinguish from natural teeth, and they allow you to enjoy the foods you love to eat.

Tooth Implants

A regular-sized tooth implant comes in three pieces with a titanium screw that acts as the dental root, an abutment, and the crown that attaches to the root via the abutment. One of our dentists at Weymouth Dental Associates in Weymouth, MA, will examine your jaw to determine if you qualify for implants before recommending the type to use.

Teeth Implants

If you’re replacing two or more teeth, then our implant dentistry near you suggest getting a dental implant bridge. These teeth implants create a fixed bridge in your mouth that closes the gap between teeth. The bridge is permanent, so you don’t need to worry about it slipping or falling out when you talk or laugh.

All-on-4®️ Implants

For people who need to replace an entire dental arch, the All-on-4®️ implants provide a way to attach a dental plate to the top or bottom jaw using only four implants. The attachment is permanent, so the denture will not slip or fall out.

Immediate Dental Implants

It can take several months before implants are in place and ready to use. However, an immediate dental implant gets placed in the mouth immediately following an extraction and thorough cleaning of the socket. An abutment goes onto the implant, which connects a temporary crown onto it.

Along with these implants, our dentists at Weymouth Dental Associates may also suggest implant-supported dentures if you’re replacing all your teeth. Contact us in Weymouth, MA, for a consultation to see if you qualify for dental implants.

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