Partials and Dentures in Weymouth, MA

After losing several teeth in an accident or due to treatments for a disease like cancer, some people opt to get dentures or partials. It gives them the ability to eat and speak normally again by replacing several teeth at once.

At Weymouth Dental Associates in Weymouth, MA, our team of dentists have the experience and training needed to extract teeth and replace them with partials and dentures.

Seeing the Results First

It is stressful to decide to get a partial or set of dentures after a dentist advises you that your teeth need removing. After all, not all of the teeth that your dentist will remove will have decay or were damaged in your accident. However, our dentists keep up with modern dental technology, so they can help you discover what you’re new dentures or partial will look like.

Using computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing equipment, and a CAD/CAM machine, our dentists can generate a three-dimensional image of a set of dentures or partial that you will wear.

The machine will take a scan of your mouth so that it measures everything precisely. Using this technology is far more accurate than getting a physical mold of your teeth. Then, after scanning your teeth, the machine can create the image of a dental restoration so that you will know what it looks like.

Before you make the decision to go ahead with the plan created by our dentists at Weymouth Dental Associates in Weymouth, MA, they can ask the machine to create a model of the new partial or dentures.

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