Non-Surgical Periodontics in Weymouth, MA

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth or if they appear red and swollen, then you need to make an appointment with one of our dentists at Weymouth Dental Associates in Weymouth, MA. You may have gum disease, which needs treating as soon as possible. We can begin gum treatment with non-surgical periodontics

Non-Surgical Treatments for Gum Disease

The treatment that we recommend for your gums will depend on the stage of your gum disease.


Periodontal or gum disease starts as gingivitis, which is a mild form of the disease. At this stage, the gums may feel irritated, and they may look bright red. They may also bleed when you brush them. However, many people do not know they have gum disease until it advances. At this stage, brushing your teeth and routine cleanings at our offices can reverse gum disease.


If gingivitis isn’t caught in time, then the gum disease can advance to periodontitis. Its symptoms include:

  • Red gums
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding when brushing teeth
  • Gums receding from teeth
  • Gums forming pockets

The pocketing of gums can make your teeth more difficult to clean, and bacteria can form in the pockets. Fortunately, with diligent work by you and one of our dentists at Weymouth Dental Associates, non-surgical periodontics can help stop and reverse periodontitis.

Our dentists in Weymouth, MA, will do deep cleanings, which are also known as scaling and root planing. They will use fine instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums to prevent it from becoming tooth decay. They will also use these instruments to clean out the gum pockets. At this stage, the jawbone can start to deteriorate.

Advanced Periodontitis

As gum disease advances, bone loss will continue, and it can become significant. The pockets around the teeth will deepen, and an infection may develop in them. Sometimes pus will form in the pockets. Usually, teeth will start to loosen, and some of them may need to come out to reduce the spread of the disease.

Our dentists at Weymouth Dental Associates in Weymouth, MA, will perform periodontal maintenance cleanings as often as necessary, sometimes as frequently as once every three months. They may also treat the infection with antibiotics. If you notice symptoms of gum disease, contact our office to begin non-surgical periodontics right away.

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