Certified Periodontal Specialists Near Weymouth, MA

At Weymouth Dental Associates, we deliver top-notch periodontal care in Weymouth, MA. Our board-certified periodontists are specialists in the field, committed to helping you maintain optimal gum health. Periodontics is crucial for oral health, and we’re here to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Our Periodontal Services

Gum Disease Treatment:

Our periodontal experts are skilled in treating gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. We’ll assess your condition and recommend the most suitable treatment, which may include deep cleaning, scaling, and root planing.

Gum Grafting:

Our specialists offer gum grafting procedures for patients with receding gums. It helps to cover exposed tooth roots, averting further gum recession and enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Dental Implant Placement:

We specialize in dental implant procedures involving the surgical placement of dental implants. If you’re considering replacing absent teeth with dental implants, we have the expertise to ensure a successful outcome.

Periodontal Maintenance:

After undergoing periodontal treatment, regular maintenance is essential. Our specialists will make a customized plan to keep your gums healthy, ensuring the long-term success of your treatment.

Why Choose Our Board-Certified Periodontists?


Our periodontists are board-certified and have years of experience treating various gum conditions. You can trust their expertise to provide you with the best care.

Personalized Care:

We believe in individualized treatment plans. Our specialists will assess your needs and provide tailored solutions for your unique oral health concerns.

State-of-the-art technology:

We use the latest techniques in periodontal care to ensure efficient and effective treatments. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

Commitment to Your Health:

Our team is committed to your oral health and overall well-being. We’ll work with you to achieve and maintain healthy gums for a lifetime.

For top-quality periodontal care near you, visit Weymouth Dental Associates. Our board-certified periodontists help you achieve and maintain optimal gum health. Don’t wait – schedule your appointment today and take the first step toward a healthier smile.

Remember, maintaining good gum health is vital for your overall well-being. Trust our specialists to provide the exceptional care you deserve.

What is periodontal disease, and how do I know if I have it?

Periodontal disease, often called gum disease, is an infection that affects the tissues that aid your teeth. Symptoms include red or swollen gums, bleeding during brushing or flossing, and persistent bad breath. If you experience these symptoms, you must consult a periodontist for an evaluation.

Do I need to see a specialist for gum problems, or can my general dentist treat them?

While general dentists can handle some gum issues, seeing a periodontist for more complex or severe conditions is advisable. Periodontists are specialists in diagnosing and treating gum disease and have advanced training in this area.

What is involved in gum disease treatment, and does it hurt?

The treatment for gum disease differs depending on the severity of the condition. It may involve deep cleaning, scaling, and root planing. Your periodontist will ensure you are comfortable and pain-free during the procedures, typically using local anesthesia.

Can gum disease lead to tooth loss?

Yes, untreated gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. The infection can damage the structures that support your teeth, leading to tooth mobility and eventual loss. Seeking prompt treatment is essential to prevent this outcome.

How often do I need periodontal maintenance visits?

After completing gum disease treatment, periodontal maintenance visits are typically recommended every three to four months. These visits help monitor your gum health and ensure the condition doesn't worsen.

Remember that these FAQs provide general information. For personalized guidance and treatment, it's always best to consult a qualified periodontist who can assess your situation and address your concerns.
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